From My Journal–Doors

In between thinking about what to share here on my blog,  I thought I’d occasionally share some ‘aha’s from my journals……..these are some notes from May.
Doors are like plans.
Sometimes people hold a door open for you when your hands (your life) are full.

You also use them to leave and head out into the world.
Doors open/close, open/close–traffic comes and goes,
we come and go in and out to find pasture.
Sometimes they are closed for a reason
(it’s just not time).

Sometimes there is more than one choice.
There’s really only one door that matters.
linking with Kelly and the Small Wonder community.
Such quiet, powerful words over there. 
All photos by the author, New Orleans, June 2014, Enumclaw, WA, 2013

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5 thoughts on “From My Journal–Doors

  1. Hmmmm, indeed. I love it when we hear 'sacred echoes' throughout our day. Thanks for reading, Nancy.

  2. “Sometimes they're closed for a reason. It's just not time.” That's the second blog post I've read today that delivers a similar message. M-m-m. I think you've just delivered a God-note to me, Jody!

  3. Doors are one of my favorite symbols. Ever read Joyce Rupp's book, Open the Door. I think you would really like it.

  4. Thanks for sharing, Jody. I've been lax in journaling lately – maybe I need to try a new approach.

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