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Doors–A Metaphor

Doors are like plans.
Sometimes people hold a door open for you when your hands (your life) are full.
You also use them to leave and head out into the world.
Doors open/close, open/close–traffic comes and goes,
we come and go in and out to find pasture.
Sometimes they are closed for a reason

(it’s just not time).

Sometimes there is more than one choice.
There’s really only one door that matters.

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  • Jody Lee Collins

    Hmmmm, indeed. I love it when we hear 'sacred echoes' throughout our day. Thanks for reading, Nancy.


    “Sometimes they're closed for a reason. It's just not time.” That's the second blog post I've read today that delivers a similar message. M-m-m. I think you've just delivered a God-note to me, Jody!

  • Jean Wise

    Doors are one of my favorite symbols. Ever read Joyce Rupp's book, Open the Door. I think you would really like it.

  • Kelly Chripczuk

    Thanks for sharing, Jody. I've been lax in journaling lately – maybe I need to try a new approach.

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