Mirror Me

Words like water poured out

reflect my wide world,
contained in pieces, paragraphs
of pain and power and the past,
puzzles to put into place.
I long to be known
heard, seen, reflected 
in the pool you hold in your heart
showing me the “me” that I am.
Instead of a mirror,
you hand me a map
telling me where to GO
or a manual
telling me what to DO.
I just want the sounds
held up to me in my hearing, 
nearing my soul,
the whole of me.
When you repeat my words instead,
my heart in my ears,
I know the listening is done
and the love is there 
that says I’m heard.
I want to be known.

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  • Jody Lee Collins

    Yes, that is the point….it's a job of work both ways with all the significant others :-)Thanks for your kind words.

  • Sandra Heska King

    “Instead of a mirror, you hand me a map … or a manual…””I just want the sounds held up to me in my hearing.”Don't we all just want to be seen and heard… to know we matter?I like this a lot, Jody.

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