We’ve returned from our warp speed visit to be with my family in Southern California for my nephew’s wedding. It was a magical, storybook event from start to finish.

I could share 161 pictures with you, but perhaps that would mess up my bandwidth or something.  Smile.

Here are two photos–one of the wedding party–lovely bride Jade and my nephew Warren in the middle, my daughter and I are anchoring opposite sides seated in the chairs.

Forgive me if I don’t identify each person. Smile again.

The other photo is a of the allee of trees leaving Jones Estate 
where the wedding took place.
I share a sentiment that echoes still, even in the rush and hurry of being home.
The joy of being with friends and family is beyond compare, a thought I’m still processing 
and perhaps will be able to put into words in my next post.
Stay tuned.
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