Journeying–The Romance of the Daily

Today I travel to Southern California for the wedding of the decade.
Well, for my family, it’s the wedding of the decade.
I am the oldest of 5 children and the last time my brothers and sisters and I were together with our spouses was 1999. 
My sister L’s only son is being married and as happens on occasions like this, people are journeying from the four corners of the country for the Big Event.
I was thinking about this trip when I read these words from my online friend Kel Rohlf; here are her thoughts about the word ‘journey’:
“We often think of a journey as traveling from place to place, 
but from its French root, ‘jour’,
there is a sense of the daily.  
It is not easy to live with my longing for a journey to a new place 
and the reality of routine.
My romantic side wants to live in the great hope of the next destination,
but my practical side needs to exist in the daily.
How can I add a little romance to the daily?
The answer can be realized in the mysterious presence of God.
For instance, God’s presence with Moses and the Israelites was a daily reality.
While they were wandering the wilderness, the presence of God set the agenda for their day.
It is interesting to note that the word for journey in Hebrew literally meant to ‘break camp’.  
The Israelites camped out until God initiated the next move.”
I don’t know what the next four days hold for my family and I–reconnections, laughter, tears, joy, new memories galore………but I know when I return that I’ll stay put until God initiates the next move for me.
How about you?
**from Kel’s book “Defining Moments–Overflowing with Living Words.”

4 thoughts on “Journeying–The Romance of the Daily

  1. I pray happy travels and so many blessings as you gather with those you haven't seen for so long! And that picture is so cute. Maybe we should inch along in pairs like that…

  2. Love that title, Jody: “The Romance of the Daily” — Even in the midst of humdrum routines, there are blessings waiting to be discovered. I'm striving to woo the wonderful out of everyday moments, but still have much to learn!

  3. Interesting how the daily changes–from the joy of reunion to the commonality of the everyday. And still God is there…

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