Timekeepers {a #poem}

Six o’clock sounds
say ‘hurry home’
in the rush and whoosh
of tires sliding through
the rain soaked street.
The tick, click, tick of
the clock confirms
the dinner hour
while a bird
through the window
with his “cheerup, cheerup, cheer!”
reminds any and all
listeners that
evening is approaching.

The electronic hmmzzzzzzzz….
of the flat screen TV
insists I pay attention
to the 6 o’clock news;
but I resist the tell
and welcome instead
better clocks with softer sounds—
the message bird calling,
the rainy streets telling me
and the slow, drowsy way I pen these 
words at the close of day.

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6 thoughts on “Timekeepers {a #poem}

  1. It's five o'clock somewhere but better without the humdrum, delightfully so. Pen in hand at the end of the day, a beginning in a way, quiet introspection, soothing . . . sleep come find me.A simple, easy flow to your poem. I'm winding down.Cheers!

  2. really great use of sound in this jody…which makes it all come alive…i like how you bring it back to you in the end as well…

  3. Ah – very sweet – you use rhythm so effectively here to truly slow the pace. k.

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