I avoided it as long as I could,
skirted the issue like
a wallflower at my first dance.
Curious from afar about
such beauty and grace,
wondering at the words.
I felt unequal to the task
conversing with verse–
or worse–writing it…
What if I was wrong?
I hesitated as long as I could,
delayed the appointed
time of our meeting
like an obligatory trip
to the dentist.
When at last we were introduced
(by a mutual friend)
my fears dissolved like
sugar in a steaming cup of tea–
the sweetness of the welcome
(toothache be damned)
was a pleasant surprise.
I extended my hand,
enticed by the freedom
of words on the page just so–
black on ivory, a gleaming smile
beckoning me to the dance.
I raised my pen and twirled.

The poem was inspired by a prompt from The Mischief Cafe,by TSPoetry Press,  
a volume of poetry interspersed with blank pages for your own lines, prompts provided.
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