The Dancing Trees

They shimmer and sway in the breeze
branchy partners against
a Danube blue sky.
Glassy diamonds on the green–
arrow fragments, light glimmering
in an anthem song.
The play a tune for my eyes,
loudly announcing the beauty of dusk,
a message in light music
reflecting in emerald on the velvet evening.
The leaves bend to sleep,
lilting a lullaby….
the twilight dance ends
with a bough.

My husband and I were out on our deck remarking on the lovely Seattle evening, glancing at the way the trees moved in the wind.  We both thought of the same thing–dancing trees.
Linking with Kelly for the Small Wonder link up, where she wrote about trees, too.

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  • www.nancyaruegg.com

    I, too, love the play on words at the end. And yes, to end with a smile is delightful and fitting. Also love that line: “Reflecting in emerald on the velvet evening.” Beautiful and soul-enriching, Jody!

  • Jody Lee Collins

    I hesitated at the play on words, Sandy, but I thought a smile bringer would be a good ending. Thanks for reading.

  • Sandra Heska King

    “the twilight dance ends
    with a bough.”

    That made me smile. The light in that photo makes me smile, too.

  • Lisa notes...

    I so love how the trees dance, too. Mine are dancing outside my own window right now. I think I'll watch a minute…. Thanks for the blessing, Jody.

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