I grew up in Southern California, in the ‘shadow’ of Disneyland.  My husband’s uncle owned a home on the street behind the Park and we often sat on the hoods of our cars and watched the fireworks over the trees.
They appeared at 9:00 on the dot every night in the summer.

Some things never change.
Unless, of course, they do.

We went to Downtown Disney a few weeks ago with my daughter and son in law.
It was a wonderful, magical time as always and the fireworks are still amazing.
Well, more amazing, over the top, like 

It reminded me of our pastor’s message this morning from John Chapter 11 
where Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead.
The sermon title was “Jesus–Friend or Formula?”

The pastor reminded us that too many times we try to put God in a box.  We decide how He’ll answer our prayers, how He’s going to work in our lives and those of others, what we think He should do………

As if.

We are so silly–He is not God in a Box. 
He is not a formula that can be managed.
He wants to be our friend.
He wants a relationship with us, a daily seeking, asking, knocking 
“what do you have for me today, Jesus?”
He’s that kind of God–the God we can know.**
The kind of God who encourages us to seek after Him.

I experienced a taste of that during the week when I interviewed for a teaching position–I was hopeful, but it was a dream job–early childhood learners, great hours, good pay–exactly what I wanted.
My interview went well but I didn’t expect to hear anything for 2-3 days as there were many other applicants.

The principal called me the next morning and offered me the job.
I was flabbergasted.  Yes, that was a God-sized answer to my me-sized prayer.

And now this.  I had completely another blogpost in mind for today, but there was no opportunity to write it. Again it was my turn to have life burst right out of my me-sized box.
(Besides, I was too busy watching Mr. Wallenda 
now there’s a man who knows a God who works outside of the box!)

Life came in fits and starts today, not at all as I had planned, and here I am rushing at the last minute.
So I will leave you with this: 
Trust God for amazing things.
Pray with your hands and heart and eyes wide open
and expect something different, beyond your wildest dreams, for yourself, 
your spouse, your church, your kids.
Something God-sized
and bright and beautiful.
Like fireworks.
Photo credit, my daughter L.M. Johnson.
**I wonder, do you know him?
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