Neat Little Package{a #poem}

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Hanan Samuel Collins, Age 8
Multnomah Falls, OR
I wrote this poem on the January day in 2003 when my first grandson, Hanan Samuel, was born.             

Your birth today unequivocally proved

that science still can do nothing

at explaining the miraculous.

The day you came into the world

the university physicists claimed to

be pursuing an explanation of gravity.

an unseen force, it defies definition actually

They lamented that “it can’t exactly be pinned down” and

“doesn’t act in a way that science can explain.

It has been said that “nothing important is completely explicable.**”

Indeed, your miraculous birth cannot be explained apart from God,

your creation cannot be contained.

Though swaddled tightly now,

you will not be confined to a neat little package.

Your long, wiggling fingers will noodle on a keyboard some day,

Your legs will flail in the ocean waves,

Your daddy-sized feet will carry you into the unknown,

You will fall, you will climb, you will think and create.

We will sit back and watch, observe and record

As you unfold from this neat little package.

**Madeline L’Engle


  1. Happy birthday to Hanan!

    Fun to slip back in time to read read your marvelous hopes for his unfolding life!

  2. Oh, happy birthday to your grandson!! 🙂

    Beautiful poem you've written. And oh, how I love Madeline L'Engle! her book “Walking on Water” is one of my faves!



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