This viburnum blooms every year in my yard in January. That’s the main reason I bought it–to have some color (and fragrance) in the dead of winter.  I live in the Pacific Northwest and we have our seasons.  I’ll say. But there’s something else about January–the declaration of the joy of a new start.

A re-everything time of year.

Jennifer Dukes Lee wrote recently about New Year’s Resolutions in a way that made me stop and think. And sigh. And cry.
Because her words were so true.  

“Life is a marble cake–with joy and sadness all mixed in to the batter, 
to make the pattern of our days. You don’t have all joy, all the time. But thanks be to God, we aren’t stuck with all sadness either.” 

The key to living in the joy of this new year is to
re-member–put back together–the list of promises already fulfilled for me.  For you.

I want to make this resolution: to RE solve to RE member my RE deemer and what He’s already done. That He is the one will RE-cover my past.Not through my own efforts and what I can do but what He’s already done.

To RE mind myself of His power and His promises towards me. To be RE freshed.  To be RE newed. To RE joice in the blood of Jesus which has purchased my life and covers my sin and makes me right with God. Which has paved the way towards the throne when I am desperate and on my knees and crying, “Oh, God, here I am again.”

Starting over.

And aren’t we always? Every day is a new start. A chance to rest and relax from our own striving, to trust that God’s got our back.

Every day is a a do-over from the One who’s done it all.

Who brings the promise of a new dawn each day, a pink dawn of color and fragrance and beauty as we RE-lease it all to Him.

Our ‘anatole’, the Dayspring, our dawn. (Luke 1:78).

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