I stroll in  for a ‘few’ groceries at The Hundred Dollar Store,
stopping first for what passes for sustenance 
(never shop when you’re hungry).
The bright-eyed toddler tossed in the
air before me while parents wait for pizza,
kissed by dad, hugged by mom, she
slyly smiles, curling into strong shoulders.
I push away, hotdog in hand, heading for lettuce.
I notice an earful of languages conversing about
everything from smoked salmon to mangos.
The whole world has come to the Produce Section.
I pass the furniture (just beyond Electronics and Clothing)
and spy an attentive dad urging his daughter to climb
atop the tower of foam mattresses, princess-and-the-pea-like,
to make sure it’s “just right.”
I wait for careful clerks who gracefully
accept an interruption of an interruption
of an interruption (mine)to ask,
“Do you have that little blue book, ‘Jesus Calling’?”
They don’t, but He is. Calling.
And I hear Him–standing next to me
on the cold, concrete floor, saying,
“May it be on Earth as it is at Costco.’
This poem was inspired by my online friend Glynn Young, author  ‘Poetry at Work’  (T.S. Poetry Press), causing me to look for the poetry in my work, wherever it leads me.
The highlighted words are my impressions of what God is like, prompting the last line.
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