Summertime is either noisy busy, with houses full of now-at-home children and the moms who want to make the most of the days, or, well….just plain busy.
God is in all of it–the kidsounds and joy–and in the quiet, when we can coax it out of our day.

Here are some shhhhhh…..thoughts for finding the some Sabbath time in your summer days:
A light tapping rain
plays at wetting the ground,
teasing my garden with actually
delivering moisture to the
newly sown sweetpeas.
The water is only a
suggestion, annoying
enough to keep me
under cover as I watch
it etch glassy drops on
the deck chairs.
My view from here is fully framed
in shades of green
changing like ocean water,
undulating with the warm breeze.
I’m grateful to have these 
precious few minutes for a full stop.
I gaze and gather beauty with my eyes.
Straight ahead is only gray;
flat, light-white gray,
a cottony covering for the sky,
as if God wanted to muffle
the day, quiet it down a bit 
or settle in
for a Sabbath nap.
The suggestion tempts me
and I move on the moment.
God always has the best ideas–
I think I’ll go and do likewise.
How do you find quiet in your days?

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