“They came out of the tombs and after Jesus’ resurrection they went into the holy city and appeared to many people.”

                                                                    Matthew 27:52,53

There it was buried, just a short paragraph
News so astounding I wanted to laugh.
I’d never read it, but this time ‘twas clear
Hundreds of people once dead were right here.
Walking around, as free as you please,
Their appearance as casual as the afternoon breeze.
To say that it shocked me, this event was quite odd
The person responsible must surely be God.
What does it mean, these people re-bodied
Inhabiting places they’d lived in before?
Could it be, was it true although oddly
That death was indeed just merely a door?
When Jesus arose, people did, too
Walking on earth where they’d been before.
Once out of sight, much like these words
And now here they were telling tales we all heard.
I was astonished; I saw the tombstones!
Six feet under and now they’re back in their homes?!
I turned the next page, skipped telling my wife
She’d never believe it, I feared for my life.
I, too, had seen Jesus but turned my back on His words
No matter, he cared not, folks would still be assured.
Now flesh and blood stood before me this day
I could turn pages, but could not turn away.
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