My son Aaron and his firstborn, Hanan Samuel, c. 2004

Do you have a Life Verse, a Scripture that encapsulates your identity, sent from the heart of God to your ears? Mine is Psalm 45:1, “My tongue is the pen of a ready writer…” (You’ll find it at the bottom of this website.)

However, I’ve been pondering lately, what would be my song? The melody and lyrics scored to illustrate the heart and soul of who I am?

Singing is like breathing for me; I’ve been doing so since Elementary School glee club. Sang “You’ll Never Walk Alone” with the choir at 8th grade graduation. Traveled in High School to perform at Disneyland for a Stephen Foster extravaganza (with Clint Eastwood!) Stood next to the harpist while we performing at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in Jr. College with the Pasadena Civic Orchestra. Joined our city’s Community Chorus in my graduate years and had the astonishing experience of singing with the altos to perform Mozart’s Requiem.

Yes, music is a great and constant background of my life. There’s always a song in my head…

Hence my recent pondering–

When the service begins to celebrate my passing (which I’m not planning to do any time soon, just for the record) will they know what to play?
Without sounding a little weird, I think it’s wise to have something written down ahead of time so there are directions and you have a little say-so in how things are done when it comes time to mark the end of your life. (My notes are underneath the chickadee paperweight on my desk with other Important Papers.)

But choosing The Song….the stand on your feet at the end of the service song–is practically impossible for me–way too many choices. I’d want to fit a few favorites in somewhere in the requisite slide show–surely a Broadway tune or two, maybe some James Taylor, Josh Groban, Andrea Bocelli…well, I’m getting ahead of myself.

For the final song, I think I have it decided. Until I change my mind.

Several years ago I heard a recording of the Odes of Solomon (produced by Andrew Schreiner), and the rich and familiar voice of a favorite musician and vocalist, Fernando Ortega. I had to get up from my work, throw my arms in the air and sing…it’s one of those ‘stand on your feet’ kind of songs. Yes, at the very top of Favorite Inspirational and Moving Songs is  Fernando singing ‘Sing Allelu’ (Ode 40). **

Planning ahead, I pictured my going-home service–how would this ‘Sing Allelu’ be delivered?   Would it be during a stirring video with amazing photos and the accompanying song?  Or someone singing live?

And instantly I saw plain as day, my son sitting at the piano, as he has been doing since he was eight years old, encouraging everyone to rise to their feet and join in the worship.

People would be moved, my grandchildren (maybe my greats??) would hear what their Nana loved more than anything, there would be tears, there would be joy and most of all my Jesus would be lifted up.

It’s amazing what one piece of music can do for your soul.

Just for fun, if you could plan ahead, what would be the song(s) of your life that celebrated what you loved the most?
What do you want people to remember you by and why? Leave me a note in the Comments—I’d love to hear.

**turn up your volume, take 5 minutes–pure worship

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